Community Partners

New Leaf - New Life tackles problems that connect with other groups in many ways.  Groups in Bloomington we support and interact with include::
  • Hope for Prisoners Task Force (Unitarian Universalist Church): a group to raise awareness of the issues related to mass incarceration in our community, state, and nation, and to affirm the worth and dignity of those in jail or prison and their families, and ex-offenders returning to our community.
  • Courage to Change: a twelve-step-based, low-barrier, sober living environment centered in Bloomington and surrounding counties. Individuals are engaged on many different levels to address their substance abuse.
  • Made Up Mind (MUM), Inc.: a group focused on developing the capabilities of ex-offenders who have made up their mind to stay out through a holistic, transitional life training and hands-on work experience.
  • Midwest Pages to Prisoners: a volunteer-run, collectively organized, letter-based books to prisoners project that sends free books & zines to folks incarcerated in nine states, seeking to build solidarity between folks inside and outside prison walls.
  • Kite Line Radio (WFHB): a radio program whose mission is to amplify the voices of those within Indiana’s prison system, while encouraging dialogue with those on the outside.
  • Students Against Mass Incarceration at IU (SAMI): a student group that advocates for justice reforms to promote education, health, safety, and rehabilitation within the prison system.