For most inquiries below, the best thing to do is to stop by or call the New Leaf - New Life office at 1010 S. Walnut St., Suite H (812-355-6842), Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm. You can also browse our Resource Guide to find specific resources. One other resource that may be of use is Indiana 211, which "is a free and confidential service that helps Hoosiers across Indiana find the local resources they need".

Can you help me obtain ID?

Yes, definitely! The best thing to do is to talk with our staff at the New Leaf - New Life office about getting the right paperwork.

Can you help me with clothing?

Absolutely. We have clothing in our office, and we sometimes can offer vouchers at Goodwill or other locations for job interview clothing.

Do you help with housing?

We don't directly help with housing, but we may be able to assist you, as our staff are often familiar with which landlords may be better to contact. Additionally, we can help you obtain identification paperwork that's sometimes required to obtain housing, such as a birth certificate, social security card, or state ID.

Do you help with employment?

We don't directly help with employment, but we may be able to assist you, as our staff are generally familiar with which employment opportunities are worth pursuing. Additionally, the WorkOne office is a one-stop place for general employment assistance

Do you help with Treatment?

We do not directly provide treatment, but we can assist you in obtaining and submitting treatment applications.

Do you only help people in Monroe County?

It doesn't matter where a person has been incarcerated; as long as someone is in Monroe County, we will help them. We may be able to help others, but, as a small organization funded largely through Monroe County sources, we have difficulty assisting with resources outside of the county.

Can you help me get my record expunged?

Yes! During non-COVID times, we have an Expungment Desk, in partnership with Indiana Legal Services and the IU Maurer School of Law. While that is currently suspended, Indiana Legal Services are still accepting clients for expungements, so for all inquiries, please call: 1-844-243-8570.