Our Board

Wain Martin, President
Retired professor of Information Technology in the Kelley School of Business, Wain was a founding member of NL-NL who also serves as Executive Director and concentrates on funding.  He received a “Be More Award” in 2015 for his work
Markus Dickinson, Vice President
An associate professor of Computational Linguistics at Indiana University, Markus has been volunteering in the AIR dorm since 2010.  Also active with Thriving Connections, Backstreet Mission, and First United Methodist Church, Markus focuses his time with NL-NL on the website designing and in engaging the larger community.
David Meyer, Secretary
An adjunct professor at IU’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs, David founded the Cover Monroe Project in 2013 to help residents obtain health coverage under the new healthcare reform programs.  Mr. Meyer received a community “Be More Award” in 2015 for his volunteer efforts.
Kris Roehling, Treasurer
An educator and coach in the areas of behavioral health, physical health and addiction, Kris returned home to Indiana 5 years ago after working as a campaigner, organizer and community leader for organizations like Amnesty International, SEIU, BiNet USA, Casa Latina workers center, and local HIV service organizations.
Lindsey Badger
A PhD candidate in IU’s Department of Communication and Culture, Lindsey fairly revolutionized jail programs with her  "Inside/Outside" courses: IU students studying together with jail inmates expanded the learning of both and provided a healthy win-win for town and gown relations. She facilitates ongoing think tanks in the men's and women's jail blocks and writing circles with incarcerated women.
Marc Haggerty
A New Leaf founding member, Marc is a Bloomington native and a Viet Nam veteran whose varied career includes working in Saudi Arabia.  A professional electrician and musician, as well as one who knows incarceration from the inside, he lives in the Crestmont neighborhood where he constantly sees the impact of poverty.  As a longtime social activist, he cares deeply about our community.
David White
A member of the NL-NL Board since its inception, David is a retired Indiana University faculty member and was part of the Biology Department. He has participated in various NL-NL jail programs.  David White recently started Safety Net, a free newspaper devoted to people in need.
Christopher Haynes
A retired professor of Computer Science at Indiana University, Chris has been a NL-NL jail volunteer since 2010. He is a Lay Minister for Prison Ministry of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, where he co-chairs the Hope For Prisoners Task Force, and offers instruction in yogic meditation and breathing practices. He has formerly served on the Boards of the UU Church and Bloomingfoods, and as a CASA and Big Brother. 
Tania Karnofsky, Jail Program Director
A founding member of NL-NL, Tania began doing a parenting program at the Monroe County Jail in 2000, as an intern completing her MSW.  She works mostly in the jail where she coordinates volunteer programs, offers transition services, and facilitates education and employability classes at the AIR Dorm.  A one-time recipient of a Be More Award, Tania also won ​a Haines Turner Award for 2013.
Marilyn Dallas, TSC Manager
A lifelong Bloomingtonian, Marilyn has deep roots in the community.  Through finding her own success after addiction and incarceration, she has dedicated herself to helping others by sharing what she has learned from walking-the-walk and through attaining degrees in addiction treatment and human services.