Our History

New Leaf - New Life, Inc. was founded by members of Citizens for Effective Justice in early 2005 to address unmet needs of people caught up in our criminal justice system.

In 2006, New Leaf began to find its own way by supporting a Community Forum on Recidivism and entering into an agreement with the Monroe County Correctional Center (MCCC) and Work One to implement a Transition Program, funded by a grant from the Sparkplug Foundation.  Since that time, transition counselors and volunteers have helped people under incarceration navigate the various social services available in Monroe County and secure the resources they need to succeed upon release, in addition to offering a wide range of volunteer-driven programs and activities insdie the jail blocks.

Building from a Community Model and with support from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, in 2007 New Leaf began to focus on residential substance abuse treatment in one cell block, called a “Therapeutic Milieu”, or as the residents call it, the Addicts In Recovery (AIR) Block.

In October of 2011, the Perry Township Trustees donated office space to New Leaf at 1010 South Walnut St. At this location, New Leaf has helped hundreds of ex-offenders secure clothing, hygiene products, bus tickets, and referrals to helpful social service agencies. The office serves as a positive environment where ex-offenders know there’s someone available to support them.  We are ever expanding in our services and hope to help even more people succeed in their transition back into society.