Here are some things that our clients have been saying about the impact of New Leaf - New Life on their lives and the changes they are making:
  •  "Once back in society, I felt overwhelmed.  I was heading in all different directions, but had no idea where I was going in any of them.  I wanted to do all the right things and make the best choices.  And New Leaf - New Life helped me do that without the feeling of being overwhelmed. ... Guidance, routine, clothing, friendship, a hug, letters of compliance ... Without New Leaf New Life being there for myself in times of need: I would have went in one of the wrong directions."
  • ​"While I had 'dropped out' all my life, he [a volunteer] said something to me that completely changed my life ... 'You need to realize you’re worth something.' ... To sum all this up, I’m proud to say what I am.  I am a new creation.  The more I learn to love myself, the more I realize how beautiful the world becomes"
  • ​"I know I hurt my kids by not being a father or even a friend to them over the course of last year and I have a whole lot of making up to do.  But, I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to do so."
  • "Even though I consider myself to be an educated person, I knew that I did not have the skills needed to survive outside of the confines of the D.O.C. ... That is why I am grateful for the support of New Leaf - New Life. ... [The AIR dorm] helped me to learn and apply new ways of problem solving. Ways that gave me the option and confidence that I can make it. That no matter the situation I do not have to use drugs or crime. ... When I was released their support continued. I just had to go get it at their office. They assisted me and others in my position with signing up for the Healthy Indiana Program (HIP). Prepared us for interviews to gain employment going even a step further taking me to my interview in which I got the job. ... I want to thank all of New Leaf - New Life for their support in me reintegrating into my community."