Already a volunteer?  See our Volunteer Resources page for more information.

Interested in Volunteering?

Volunteers play a vital role in our mission. Working with volunteers gives inmates the opportunity to interact, broaden their worldview, learn, and be connected to the outside world. Many inmates assert that contact with volunteers is the most valuable part of their time in jail.
  • In the multipurpose room of the jail, volunteers run a number of enrichment classes and help with the Transitions program. New volunteers are welcome to join existing groups or start new groups.  (See Inside page.)
  • At our transition office, volunteers help with administrative tasks and client assistance. This is a great opportunity for volunteers to interact with ex-offenders and contribute to their success.  (See Outside page.)
  • Also, we are always happy to have people join the Re-Entry Collective, to brainstorm solutions for re-entry and to find other avenues for helping.
If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information, fill out the form below - or email us at info@newleafnewlife.org or call (812) 355-6842 (during business hours).  See also our Bloomington Volunteer Network page, where we keep up-to-date opportunities, or our Facebook page where volunteer orientations are listed.

Re-Entry Collective Opportunity

The Re-entry Collective supports individuals in direct advocacy and continuation of programming after their release. Volunteers are welcome to contact New Leaf - New Life about attending an orientation and participating in this group. This group hopes to primarily attract formerly incarcerated community members. 

Ad Hoc Opportunities

We often have one-time opportunities for volunteering, such as helping with our 5K or with MLK Day activities.  To see what's happening and where we need your help, check out our News and Events page!