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Mission & Impact

Resources and assistance for our neighbors affected by incarceration

New Leaf, New Life strives to be a part of big change in Bloomington, IN. Through our work inside and outside the jail, we are building a stronger community and offering hope and opportunity to our neighbors affected by incarceration.

Woman sitting with an inmate and looking at text on a paper

Our Mission

To support individuals who are currently incarcerated or have been recently released from incarceration with their reentry back into our community.

Client trying on reading glasses at the Transition Support Center

Our Vision

Transformative justice, personal growth, and self-advocacy.


Each year, approximately 75% of inmates in the Monroe County Jail benefit from one or more of our services.

Inside the Jail

Connection to family & preparation for returning to the community

Inside the Monroe County Correctional Center, the staff and volunteers of New Leaf, New Life work with jail officials to run a variety of programs to better the lives of people who are incarcerated.

Children's books


The Read to Me program allows individuals that are incarcerated to be recorded reading a book to their children. Once recorded by volunteers, the children of those incarcerated are sent a copy of the book and a recording of their parent reading aloud the book. We’re proud to offer this program in partnership with the Monroe County Public Library.

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Our re-entry groups focus on obtaining skills to smoothly transition back into society, covering topics such as housing, rehabilitation options, and healthy life choices. Participants build Day 1, Week 1, and Month 1 action plans, as well as provide resource suggestions for others.

Woman sitting with an inmate and looking at text on a paper


Our groups focus on learning both generally applicable skills, such as analytical thinking, and on specific skill sets, such as computer-based logic.  An overarching perspective of the education is to focus on overcoming negative behaviors and negative beliefs by examining different ways of thinking.

Creative, fun, & developmental opportunities

We support inmates’ sense of self through fun social events and chances to express themselves.

Pencil and pencil sharpener with shavings, laying on a blank page of a lined notebook


Our writing groups discuss poems, often addressing topics like substance abuse or emotional turmoil, and write their own work in response.  The work encourages critical thinking, vulnerability, empathy, and a better understanding of their current situation.

Inmate wearing a cast and playing bingo in the Monroe County jail


One of NLNL’s most popular programs, in partnership with St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, Jail Bingo provides not only an hour of entertainment in the cell blocks, but also highly desirable prizes like soap and peanut butter.

Two people sitting in a dark room


Our self-care groups range from sessions to create pillow cases for family/friends to practicing mindfulness, especially as it relates to substance abuse, anger management, and other challenges.  The groups offer opportunities to reflect on living satisfying and meaningful lives.

An opportunity to socialize, have fun, and feel cared for.

New Leaf, New Life’s Jail Bingo, a partnership with St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, is just one way we help inmates feel connected to each other and to the community, and show some compassion. Learn more by watching this short video.

“You provide a great service and a lot of help to all of us who really need it. Thank you.”

Anonymous feedback

“You guys do amazing things helping all of us out. Without your services most of us would be stuck.”

Anonymous feedback

The Transition Support Center at 1010 S Walnut St. in Bloomington IN

Outside the Jail

Support with re-entry and cultivating success in the community

Many people are released from jail with nothing but the clothes they were wearing when arrested. We work with clients to reach their goals and achieve a successful transition.

Transition Support Center

People released from incarceration are welcomed at our Transition Support Center (TSC) located at 1010 S. Walnut St., Suite H where we provide short-term & long-term assistance. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 10am-4pm.

Man sitting at a table and helping a woman with her work in a notebook


The Re-Entry Mentorship Program provides more in-depth peer support to folks recently released from incarceration. With the help of one-on-one support from a Re-Entry Mentor, participants do a needs assessment, build action plans, acquire necessary resources, and receive education on staying sober, crisis intervention, and trigger identification.

Young people sitting around a table and having a discussion (Image credit: bantersnaps on Unsplash.com)


The Re-entry Collective is a group of individuals passionate about finding systemic solutions for individuals re-entering society. All are welcome to attend.

Man writing on a stack of papers with a pencil (Image credit: Scott Graham on Unsplash.com)


The Bloomington Expungement Desk is a partnership with Indiana Legal Services and the Maurer School of Law to support recently incarcerated individuals in expunging their records. While the in-person service is temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still able to refer people.

“The program is a blessing to me and other women, we come here broken and with low self esteem, New Leaf New Life gives us hope, provides us with things we need like glasses and reading material. I love the program.”

Anonymous feedback

“I’d truly be lost without you and everyone at New Leaf. It really means the world to me.
Thank you.”

Anonymous feedback

New Leaf New Life staff pose for a photo in front of the Transition Support Center

Staff & Volunteers

Meet our team

Jordan McIntire

Jordan McIntire

Executive Director

Jordan is the Executive Director of New Leaf, New Life. She recently obtained her PhD from IU School of Public Health, majoring in Leisure Behavior. She’s a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS), and is the President of Recreation Therapists of Indiana (RTI).

Stacy Flynn

Stacy Flynn

Assistant Director

Stacy Flynn is the Assistant Director at New Leaf New Life and has previously served as our Volunteer Coordinator. Stacy oversees daily operations at our Transition Support Center (TSC) as well as the Re-entry Mentor Program. She is passionate about working alongside volunteers as well as community members who have been impacted by the criminal justice system.

Misty James

Misty James

Reentry Mentor & Support Specialist

Originally from Ellettsville, IN, Misty has lived in Bloomington for the past 22 years. Having battled addiction herself, she understands the complex struggles of such things as substance misuse and houselessness. Today she lives a life centered around helping others seeking support to improve their quality of life. She’s very involved in her local recovery community, assisting women in helping maintain a life without drugs. She has two wonderful children and shares a home with her loving boyfriend and two parakeets, Jane and Charlie.


Man sitting at a table and helping a woman with her work in a notebook

Volunteers play a crucial role in our mission, running enrichment classes in jail’s multipurpose room, and helping assist clients at the Transition Support Center.  New Leaf, New Life could not function without its slate of volunteers!

Interested in volunteering with New Leaf, New Life?

The Transition Support Center at 1010 S Walnut St. in Bloomington IN


Meet our board

Donyel Byrd

Donyel Byrd


A long-time community social worker committed to equity, Donyel was named the social worker of the year in 2018 by the National Association of Social Workers, Indiana Chapter. Her current professional work includes teaching as an Associate Faculty with the IU School of Social Work. Previously, Donyel provided supportive services to children and families who had been involved with child protection services, school social work, assisting people in the community with enrollment in health coverage, and advocating for equity in education, health care, and affordable housing.

Chris Haynes

Christopher Haynes

Secretary / Treasurer

A retired associate professor of Computer Science at Indiana University, Chris has been a NLNL board member since 2017, Treasurer since 2019, and a NLNL jail volunteer since 2010. He is a Lay Minister for Prison Ministry of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, a Bureau of Prisons Minister of Record, and offers instruction in meditation and breathing practices. He has served on the Boards of the UU Church and Bloomingfoods, and as a CASA and Big Brother.

Nordia McNish

Nordia McNish

Nordia is an outpatient therapist at Meadows. She was the VP for the board of directors for South Central Indiana Housing Opportunity (SCIHO), a member of the Anti-Oppression Education Committee in the school of social work and a member of the United Methodist Outreach Committee.

Bobby Overman


As the Nonprofit Central Specialist at the Monroe County Public Library, Bobby works with nonprofits of all types and sizes. This has given her a special understanding and deep appreciation for the work nonprofits do in our community. Working as the jail librarian, she saw firsthand how programs like NLNL help individuals stay connected to their family and the community as a whole.

The Transition Support Center at 1010 S Walnut St. in Bloomington IN


How we’ve gotten to where we are today

New Leaf, New Life, Inc. was founded by members of Citizens for Effective Justice in early 2005 to address unmet needs of people caught up in our criminal justice system.

Our founding

In 2006, New Leaf, New Life began to find its own way by supporting a Community Forum on Recidivism and entering into an agreement with the Monroe County Correctional Center (MCCC) and Work One to implement a Transition Program, funded by a grant from the Sparkplug Foundation.  Since that time, transition counselors and volunteers have helped people under incarceration navigate the various social services available in Monroe County and secure the resources they need to succeed upon release, in addition to offering a wide range of volunteer-driven programs and activities inside the jail blocks.

Expansion in the jail

Building from a Community Model and with support from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, in 2007 New Leaf began to focus on residential substance abuse treatment in one cell block, called a “Therapeutic Milieu”, or as the residents called it, the Addicts In Recovery (AIR) Block.

A home in the community

In October of 2011, the Perry Township Trustees donated office space to New Leaf, New Life at 1010 South Walnut St. At this location, NLNL has helped hundreds of ex-offenders secure clothing, hygiene products, bus tickets, and referrals to helpful social service agencies. The office serves as a positive environment where ex-offenders know there’s someone available to support them.  We are ever expanding in our services and hope to help even more people succeed in their transition back into society.

Photo of art on the wall at the Transition Support Center; Depicts inmates and NL-NL staff.

Events & News

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8 months ago

Through the chaos of these past two years, there's a fundamental truth that continues to give us hope - together, we can do extraordinary things. Join us on #GivingTuesday and lets rally to change ... See more

8 months ago

Everyone can have an impact on #GivingTuesday. We would appreciate your support welcoming our neighbors home from incarceration.
You can donate here: https://buff.ly/2ZBDAOo
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8 months ago

Through the chaos of these past two years, there's a fundamental truth that continues to give us hope - together, we can do extraordinary things. Join us on #GivingTuesday and lets rally to change ... See more

8 months ago

FYI - This was shared with us from the Department of Workforce Development.
You can visit: https://buff.ly/3jI2DGq or click here to learn more: https://buff.ly/2KzkOPU

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“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” #TestimonialTuesday

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New Leaf New Life staff pose for a photo in front of the Transition Support Center


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