Connection to family & preparation for returning to the community

Inside the Monroe County Correctional Center, the staff and volunteers of New Leaf, New Life work with jail officials to run a variety of programs to better the lives of people who are incarcerated.

Children's books


The Read to Me program allows individuals that are incarcerated to be recorded reading a book to their children. Once recorded by volunteers, the children of those incarcerated are sent a copy of the book and a recording of their parent reading aloud the book. We’re proud to offer this program in partnership with the Monroe County Public Library.

Crowd of people walking with a blur effect


Our re-entry groups focus on obtaining skills to smoothly transition back into society, covering topics such as housing, rehabilitation options, and healthy life choices. Participants build Day 1, Week 1, and Month 1 action plans, as well as provide resource suggestions for others.

Woman sitting with an inmate and looking at text on a paper


Our groups focus on learning both generally applicable skills, such as analytical thinking, and on specific skill sets, such as computer-based logic.  An overarching perspective of the education is to focus on overcoming negative behaviors and negative beliefs by examining different ways of thinking.

Creative, fun, & developmental opportunities

We support inmates’ sense of self through fun social events and chances to express themselves.

Pencil and pencil sharpener with shavings, laying on a blank page of a lined notebook


Our writing groups discuss poems, often addressing topics like substance abuse or emotional turmoil, and write their own work in response.  The work encourages critical thinking, vulnerability, empathy, and a better understanding of their current situation.

Inmate wearing a cast and playing bingo in the Monroe County jail


One of NLNL’s most popular programs, in partnership with St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, Jail Bingo provides not only an hour of entertainment in the cell blocks, but also highly desirable prizes like soap and peanut butter.

Two people sitting in a dark room


Our self-care groups range from sessions to create pillow cases for family/friends to practicing mindfulness, especially as it relates to substance abuse, anger management, and other challenges.  The groups offer opportunities to reflect on living satisfying and meaningful lives.

An opportunity to socialize, have fun, and feel cared for.

New Leaf, New Life’s Jail Bingo, a partnership with St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, is just one way we help inmates feel connected to each other and to the community, and show some compassion. Learn more by watching this short video.

“You provide a great service and a lot of help to all of us who really need it. Thank you.”

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“You guys do amazing things helping all of us out. Without your services most of us would be stuck.”

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